Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tiny Cables Baby Socks

: "Tiny Cables" from Knit a Dozen Baby Socks by Edie Eckman (gift from MIL)

Yarn: Frog Tree 100% Alpaca Wool - Type 2204
Color: #309 (blue)

Needles: US 3 dpn

Dates: August 9-10, 2006

Comments: Nice pattern, easy to follow, love the softness of this yarn. Although I feel somewhat guilty/foolish knitting baby items out of yarn that has to be handwashed... I think in the future I'd like to use US 2 needles on this yarn; although this was the size needles called for, I felt the fabric created was a little thin and loose. And maybe smaller guage would equal smaller socks which would mean baby could wear them before he starts walking and curses the slipperiness of this yarn.

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