Friday, August 18, 2006

Baby Yoda Sweater

Pattern: Baby Yoda Sweater

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (100% Cotton)
Color 406 (a very grape-y purple)

Needles: US 6 (US 7 for all binding off)

Dates: August 16 - August 18, 2006

Comments: I've had this pattern bookmarked for a while as something I'd like to make. Then as I was perusing my old bookmarks a few days ago, I realized I just so happen to have exactly the right amount of exactly the right yarn, hiding away in my stash (my MIL gave me some months and months ago). And as I have a friend who is expecting a baby girl in just 6 weeks... Well, I just had to make it, now didn't I?

I like the way this sweater turned out, and I like that (because of the way it wraps and ties) it should fit the baby for quite some time (the pattern says 0-6 months).

I didn't like this yarn. I didn't like how textured it was ("nubbly" is the technical term, I believe). If I'm going through the trouble of knitting rows and rows of stockinette stitch, I like being able to see rows and rows of neat, even stitches. But because of the texture of this yarn, that just didn't happen. (An attempt to show the texture is in the picture at right). (I made sure to keep very careful track of my rows and stitches, because counting rows on the finished fabric was just about impossible.) That, and I just don't particularly like working with cotton (hard on the hands).

Add to this my extreme dislike of seaming, and I don't think I'll be making this sweater again like this. Perhaps in a different yarn, and with some mods to ensure less seaming (raglan sleeves?). Because I do like the finished product. Here's hoping my friend (and her baby) do, too.

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